Vacation HVAC Prep


With vacation in your sights and travel plans set, there’s one last thing you should do before leaving your home behind: prepare your HVAC system.

Your HVAC unit is one of the most complex pieces of machinery in your home. Properly maintaining it when in use and during periods of dormancy will preserve the longevity of your unit and help you keep your energy costs down.

Turn It Down – Not Off

Many people think leaving their home behind for vacation should include completely shutting down their HVAC system. This is a big mistake! HVAC units are designed for regular usage. When they are inactive for long periods, important components deteriorate and operate at diminished capacity when they return to regular use.

Moisture can also build up in your home, creating conditions where mold in air vents flourishes.

When leaving your home for vacation, turn your thermostat up by about five degrees. Your unit won’t run as often as it does when you’re there, but it will run enough to prevent the accumulation of moisture and to provide sufficient activity for the system.

Vacuum Before You Go

Excessive dust in a house and other contaminants circulates through your HVAC system while you are gone. You can reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home before you leave by giving your house a thorough vacuuming and cleaning.

Open Your Vents

Open all the vents in your home to ensure that air flows throughout the system and in all the rooms of your house. HVAC systems are designed to operate at maximum airflow, and opening the vents allows the system to operate under optimal conditions while you are away.

By taking appropriate steps before they hit the road, vacationers can avoid expensive HVAC repair bills when they return. Homeowner’s can also avoid these costs by entering into service agreements with Ben’s ProServ. With our Comfort Agreement, we take care of you and your equipment on a first-priority status. With three plans to choose from and 24-hour service available, let our family take care of your family year-round!

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