Prepping Your Shore Home for Summer

Summer Prep

If you own a vacation home or investment property in a shore town, you likely went through the process of winterizing the home before the cold weather ushered us into the winter season. After all, no one wants to prepare for summer by cleaning up an unexpected mess.

As we head into the season of reopening shore homes, here are few things to be sure you remember to do:

1.Check for plumbing issues.

Winter conditions have been known to cause issues with pipes and plumbing systems. As you inspect your home this spring, check for pipe leaks in the bathroom(s), kitchen and outdoor showers. You may consider checking the basement and/or crawlspace as well, if you have one, for evidence of potential leaks. Running the water in your sinks and showers, and flushing the toilets is another way to ensure there are no major plumbing issues.

2.Check the A.C. units.

Everyone wants to know they’ll find relief from the summer heat at home. Is the A.C. unit ready to keep you and your guests cool? The safest way to find out is to call an HVAC professional to check the unit, and perform a tune-up. This way, if any concerns or issues are discovered along the way, they can be addressed immediately.

3.Check your heating system.

While there shouldn’t be a need to use it in the upcoming season, making sure your heating system is still working properly now allows you to deal with potential problems quickly. An HVAC professional is worth the call before you start this part of the process.

4.Check your appliances.

Appliance connections can deteriorate over time, especially in extreme conditions, and sometimes with the help of small rodents using your vacant home as shelter in the cold. While you’re getting your home ready to reopen, make sure you check that your appliances still function properly.

5.Check the electric.

This is a quick check to do! Flick the lights on, test the outlets and make a note of anything that doesn’t work as it should. Eletrical issues may seem simple, but even small problems could be indicative of larger complications, like wiring errors. Electrical issues should be evaluated and resolved by a professional - this isn’t something you want to attempt on your own.

If you come across any plumbing leaks, issues with your AC unit or heating system, or electrical problems, it’s best to call Ben’s ProServ at . Our team is ready to help you get your shore home reopened before the season begins!