The Right Furnace For Your Home


Furnaces play a vital role in keeping our home warm and cozy each winter. But how do you know which type of furnace is best? If you want to replace your old furnace or buy a new one, this easy guide can help you.

What is a furnace?

A furnace heats your home’s air using fuel. It blows hot air through ducts to deliver warm air via grills or air registers. Furnaces are also known as a forced warm-air or a ducted warm-air distribution system, and they heat a home using either electricity, oil or natural gas.

When shopping for a furnace, consider these factors:

  • Size. A properly sized furnace is key to heating your home. A small furnace will not adequately heat your home, and a large furnace wastes money on fuel by producing extraneous heat.
  • Climate. Choose a furnace featuring an ENERGY STAR certification and an AFUE rating of 90 or higher for the best efficiency and savings.
  • Furnace type. Gas furnaces features gas valves that open and close. Electric furnaces heat air by moving it over electric coils and distributing the warmed air. Oil furnaces are best for homeowners who do not have access to other types of fuels. Lastly, propane is easily stored in tanks and is a great option if gas and oil aren’t readily accessible in your area.
  • Fuel source. Gas furnaces are usually cheaper to buy and install, and they are less messy than oil furnaces. Electric furnaces are the cheapest to buy and install, but they can produce costly electric bills. Propane is a byproduct of oil and gas production and is used in about 5% of U.S. households. Central air propane furnaces are available with annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings as high as 97%, meaning these units are highly efficient at converting fuel into heat. Most propane furnaces today also use an electronic ignition, eliminating the need for a standing pilot light which allows the thermostat to turn on the burners only when fuel is required. These furnaces also are equipped with vent dampers, which close when the right temperature is reached and only reopen when heat is needed again.

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