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Installing a Charger for Your New Electric Car Reaps Many Benefits

EV charging station, customer install

As a company one of our goals is to leave a job site in a better condition than the way we found it. We believe that this goal also applies to our environment. Leaving the world in a better condition for future generations is something that we can all get on board with. One way to accomplish this is changing how they move, either by utilizing public transportation, or—more commonly—looking to ditch their gas-guzzling motor vehicles.

Thanks to New Jersey’s ambitious plans and the state’s lucrative rebate program, we are seeing a significant shift in the state of New Jersey to environmental-conscious electric cars (EVs). In fact, with so many new EVs out on the road, NJ doesn’t even have enough places to charge them! While there are plans to increase the number of chargers statewide, many electric vehicle owners are finding it increasingly beneficial to install a charging station in their own home.

Now, you may think that this is an expensive extravagance, but the biggest advantage to installing your own charging station is how cost-efficient it is; you’ll no longer be spending money on buying battery power from third parties or making trips to public charging stations. You’ll also find having your own charging station is extremely convenient and safe, among other benefits.

Of course, installing a charging station is easier said than done, but that’s where we come in.

At Ben’s ProServ, we have licensed electricians with the experience needed to get the job done. Specifically, we will assess every detail of your home and its electric system, along with your vehicle, to precisely determine what you need. We then will work with you on deciding the perfect model of charging station, while then installing it with the highest quality and professionalism the industry has to offer. By the end of it all, you’ll be left extremely satisfied with a charging station that is completely effective and reliable.

For those interested in learning more about installing a cost-effective electric car charger in your home, call 856-347-3588 or visit