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Ben’s ProServ’s Orzechowski Completes ‘Healthy Home Air’ Training from Carrier

Ben’s ProServ’s Orzechowski Completes ‘Healthy Home Air’ Training from Carrier

Southern New Jersey residents have been concerned about the quality of the air in their homes since long before the pandemic brought the issue to the forefront globally in early 2020. Since then, however, the number of Ben’s ProServ customers inquiring about indoor air purification has spiked. Ben’s ProServ has the answers and the solutions these customers are seeking, and they have doubled down on their commitment to educating their customers about how to minimize the airborne transmission of viruses and support their family’s overall wellness.

As an example of that commitment, Stan Orzechowski, Vice President of Ben’s ProServ, recently completed a course offered by Carrier called “Healthy Home Air 101,” and is excited to put this valuable educational opportunity to work for South Jersey residents.

“A big focus of the course was the fact that HVAC systems need to do a lot more than just control temperature and humidity in our homes,” said Orzechowski. “The EPA tells us that we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are up to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. But we have several solutions available to customers to improve that indoor air quality, along with our health and comfort, and some of them are relatively inexpensive.”

According to Orzechowski, much of the class focused on learning about the air pollutants that pose increased risks for serious illness and even death. The course also addressed the causes of respiratory challenges, like asthma, from which the 24 million Americans suffer, and allergies, which are problematic for 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children in the United States. Orzechowski learned about how Carrier’s Healthy Home Air products mitigate home-based allergens and asthma irritants.

Other areas of focus for the Healthy Home Air course were biologicals and how mold, bacteria and viruses are spread, and how they can be reduced or eliminated from the indoor air we breathe. Finally, the course included primers on harmful gases, combustion by-products, dust, pesticides, insecticides and methane, that can also affect indoor air quality.

Orzechowski is one of the founders of Ben’s ProServ and is the lead Comfort Consultant for residential programs. He also oversees financing and rebate programs. Stan enjoys interacting with people, helping them understand how their homes work and how to better improve their house for energy efficiency.

He holds a B.S. in Business from Temple University, as well as an HVACR license. His other credentials include a building analyst professional designation from BPI. He is also trained in Carrier and geothermal systems, as well as general HVAC and plumbing.

Orzechowski lives in Elmer with his wife and four children. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family and playing sports like softball, golf and hockey.

Ben’s ProServ specializes in HVAC installations for residential new construction and custom homes, as well as commercial buildings and complete building restorations. Ben’s ProServ is committed to keeping the air you and your loved ones breathe free of pollutants. Their technicians are ready to assess your home’s air comfort needs.