Winterizing Shore Homes

Another Vacation of Memories… Remember to Winterize Your Shore Home!

The dog days of summer are quickly fading and your shore home will soon need to be winterized.

Winterizing a home protects your investment. Being proactive now can save you money on major repairs and unwelcome surprises.

Here are some tips to prepare your shore home:

Cover Your AC Units

Traditional tarps are not advised, as they don’t allow your AC to breathe and dry out after rainstorms.

Have a professional service your heating and cooling system to prevent future breakdowns.

Disable Outdoor Water Supplies

Empty all of your shore home’s hoses and water pipes to prevent freezing water and burst pipes. A professional home service can use compressed air to ensure all water is removed.

Close Vents to Crawl Spaces

Secure access doors and close any vents to crawl spaces to prevent cold air from getting in, along with any rodents or pests.

Clear Your Gutters

Leaves collect in the fall, clogging your gutters and causing unwanted drainage issues. If possible, return to your home in October to clear its gutters, or hire a professional to perform the service.

Seal Windows and Doors

Lock all windows and screen doors to prevent wind from blowing them open, as well as unwelcome guests.

Set Your Thermostat to 55 degrees

Wi-Fi thermostats are ideal for dormant homes to monitor temperature while away. If that option isn’t available, set your thermostat to around 55 degrees.

Storing food

Empty your refrigerator completely and unplug it. Leaving the doors propped open can also prevent odors from piling up. Store any dry goods in sealed plastic bins to prevent infestation.

Contact the Police

This is important: remember to provide your local police department with emergency contact information in case they need to reach you in the event of an emergency or burglary!

By taking these appropriate steps before you leave your shore home behind, you can avoid expensive HVAC repair bills next vacation season. Homeowners can also avoid these costs by entering into service agreements with Ben’s ProServ.

With our Comfort Agreement, we take care of you and your equipment on a first-priority status. With three plans to choose from and 24-hour service available, let our family take care of your family year-round!

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