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Carrier Ductless in Commercial Installation in Elmer, NJ


At Ben’s Proserv, we know how important having the right level of comfort can be for your business. If it’s too hot or too cold, your customers notice. And it’s also likely that your staff is a bit cranky too, and that’s something that affects productivity and can show through to customers as well.

That’s why when Physical Therapy Services in Elmer, NJ gave us a call about the comfort level at their physical therapy office, we knew it was important. They were concerned because the main physical therapy area, where patients work on stretching, exercises and other treatments to feel better, was uncomfortable. The main heating and cooling system for the office just wasn’t keeping this open area cool, and it was affecting how hard the patients worked on their programs- they seemed to get tired more easily and were out of sorts on hot days. They gave us a call to see what we could do to make sure this part of their office was more comfortable and more welcoming for their patients.

Carrier Ductless Building

Problem: The main therapy area for a physical therapy practice was getting too hot and uncomfortable, especially during the hottest days of the year. The traditional HVAC system couldn’t keep up and make this area as comfortable as needed.

Solution: Install a Carrier Ductless cooling system that will provide temperature and humidity control for this large space, while ensuring even distribution of the cool air throughout the space, making sure every patient and therapist is comfortable.

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When we came to Physical Therapy Services, we could see what the problem was right away. The traditional HVAC system was good at keeping smaller, contained spaces comfortable, but in a large open area like the main therapy space, the system wasn’t effective in keeping the air circulating. If the owners tried to ratchet down the thermostat to provide some relief to this main area, the rest of the office was an icebox, and it was creating a real problem.

After all, if you are recovering from an injury or surgery and have to go to physical therapy, it means doing exercises and stretches- it’s a lot like a specialized gym. If that gym area is too hot, you’re not going to work as hard as you might if you were more comfortable- you get sweaty and sleepy and frankly, it doesn’t take much to get people to start avoiding doing the work they really need to do to get better. And that’s counter to the whole point of physical therapy, so the Physical Therapists knew they needed to make a change to make sure their patients were getting the best care possible.

We knew right away that the answer was not to replace their existing system- all they really needed was a supplemental system, but it had to be robust and reliable. We often recommend Carrier ductless systems for just this sort of problem- if you have a space in your home or business that just does not seem to be comfortable- it always seems too hot or too cold- ductless can be the perfect solution.

Carrier Ductless Systems

Ductless air conditioning doesn’t need big ductwork- it pairs an outdoor efficient heat pump with an indoor wall unit that sits up, out of the way. This wall unit is controlled by a simple remote or wall thermostat, and it both monitors temperature and humidity in a space. It has special fans and blowers that help distribute the air evenly around a room, making sure every inch of that space is comfortable. It also meant that the installation process was quick and minimally disruptive for the practice, since we didn’t have to put in any additional ductwork or returns that could have meant more extensive construction with another type of system.

Ductless also creates separate zones of comfort wherever you need them, meaning you can adjust the temperature of one area without affecting all the other areas of the home or business. For our physical therapists, this means they can adjust the temperature in the main PT area as needed, without affecting all the other offices or treatment rooms.

They can also turn off the system for the main area if it’s not needed, saving them money on energy bills as well- and that can really help improve the bottom line for many businesses. For example, as we start getting cooler weather in the fall, the office can probably turn off the air conditioning for much of the office, but they might still need a burst of cool air for people working out in the main therapy gym. With Carrier ductless, they’ll be able to get that touch of cool air just when they need it, rather than paying to cool the whole office to try to make this one area comfortable.

Best of all, Carrier ductless units provide all this comfort but they’re whisper-quiet. This means no big blowers creating extra noise in the background, making sure that patients can concentrate on getting better, not trying to hear the Physical Therapist over the HVAC system. Carrier ductless systems also come with a 10-year warranty, making sure this additional comfort will keep our Physical therapists and their patients comfortable for years to come.

If you have a space in your home or business that never seems to be comfortable- maybe it’s a third-floor bedroom or a basement, or a sunroom that gets too hot or too cold- give us a call. There may be a perfect Carrier ductless solution for you, that can provide cost effective heating and cooling from the same system, providing you comfort all year long. We’ll get you in tip-top shape soon!

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